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Last Updated: February 14, 2024

Winter Wonderland, an exhibit of prints by members of the NH Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art

January 14 - March 12

An exhibit for WCANH printmakers, Winter Wonderland is built of print imagery inspired by a winter aesthetic. The task description included the idea of depictions: “listening icicles sparkling in the sunshine, whimsical snow-capped mountains, shimmering powder snows out on the landscape, glistening whites and blue hues". What arrived and is on display contains a more real feeling for winter: quiet combinations of colors and patterns, dark imagery alongside imagery that seems bleached or filtered, mellow ochres and simple pink blue combinations. In its abstraction, this imagery is perhaps more how we actually feel and experience winter. A nice thing to visit, for sure.

The New Hampshire Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art is part of the nationwide Women's Caucus for Art organization. They have been offering exhibits throughout the state of NH every year since 1996.

“Winter Wonderland" is all hung in the gallery and it is looking nice. The imagery develops the quiet, graphic, contemplative qualities of winter. There is a a great deal of variety in this little exhibit. The muted colors and close-to-abstract imagery is calm and full of texture, well-suited to winter-time in the gallery.

Prints from left to right: “Winter White", monotype by Mimzie Uhler, “Vestiges", monotype by Debra Clafley “Hope", monotype by Lucy Mueller “Snowy Owl, Winter Night", linocut by Pam Smith

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