Our location in Keene, NH opened on Friday Nov. 20. For an appt. text 978-985-4720.

Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Welcome to The New Leaf Gallery

The New Leaf Gallery is a collaborative project by Matt Brown & Taryn Fisher specializing in contemporary hand-made prints. We manage things from locations in Keene and Lyme, NH.

Though printmaking uses the same vocabulary of all 2-d art (shape, color, pattern, space, and line), makers of handmade prints employ a third matrix (a plate, a screen, a sheet of linoleum, a set of carved woodblocks) to make their imagery. Print-makers often enlist more process than other makers of flat art. Their projects may take months or years to develop. The fact the art exists in multiples can offer more opportunity for the work to "talk back" and play formative roles in its own creation. Print-making approaches often leave behind a paper trail as witness to the development of the art, and the making of handmade prints may involve more input from an audience.

Our principal home is a second floor space in Keene on Central Square, but the gallery walls we envisage include pop-up locations outside our doors. Empty store-fronts, restaurant interiors, this online portal you are now visiting, all these are explorations we are planning and contemplating in our gallery effort to bring more art into our lives.

Visit the Exhibits and the Events sections of this web-site; we plan to post progress as these projects develop.

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