The New Leaf Gallery has moved to 1 Main St., Lyme, NH, next door to Matt Brown Fine Art.
Open by appointment only. Dial Matt at 603-306-6547 or email to find out more.

Last Updated: February 14, 2024

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Our roster includes artists who make prints step-by-step, color-by-color, using traditional printmaking processes.
Email questions about visiting to, or call Matt at 603-306-6547.
We are currently operating mostly online through this site and a corollary shopify site.


Our shopify portal is currently working and experiencing updates and improvements.


  • We are working on an online shopping portal using shopify. The portal is enabled but currently under construction.
  • The website you are currently on showcases our entire inventory which is available via online purchasing. An inquiry generates an e-mail. Our response helps determine framing and shipping details and, once purchase details are set, we send a square invoice you can pay using a credit card.


We sell prints three ways: as just the print, in an acid-free matts, or framed in natural wood frames of cherry, walnut, or cambia. We use reflection-free glass (UV-70 glass by True-Vue), which is very nice glass.


We ship by UPS and USPS. Most shipping charges, for any quantity of prints, are:

$29 east of the Mississippi
$59 west of the Mississippi

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