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Last Updated: June 28, 2021

The Wonder of the Leaf

An exhibit exploring leafy imagery in work of various of our New Leaf Gallery member printmakers.

December 20 - February 28

When Taryn and I came up with the name for our printmaking gallery we circulated ideas connected to an effort that would be "green". Ideas included notions such as: The Green Granite Gallery, The Green Leaf Gallery, The Green-up Gallery. But we found the image of a leaf summarized better what we felt we are after: something hopeful and re-generative, something new yet built of elements that are time-tested and tried. Focused on a concept of fostering connections and conversations around the making of handmade prints, the leaf seemed a simple and fresh image of what we imagined our effort might be about.

Our first online theme exhibit explores images of our namesake, the leaf. This structure, this solar energy organizing unit upon which so much of our earthly life depends, the leaf offers a great deal to learn from and about.

Catherine's Greene's "Goodwill" offers a happy feeling for that worked out relationship between the living photo-synthesizing tissue of a leaf and its stem and skeletal structure.

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