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Last Updated: March 31, 2021

"Lake Champlain Vista" by Daryl V. Storrs

By Calling on Special Places

"Lake Champlain Vista" by Daryl V. Storrs

"Lake Champlain Vista" by Daryl V. Storrs
2020/ printed in 2021
12" x 30"
With Artist

I have painted this view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks just south of Burlington, Vermont many times over the years. The landscape depicted was mostly in front of me, but I also incorporated other areas of interest within the broader view, making it an image both real and imagined. Variations of the pastel images were transformed into this panoramic view, focusing on texture and color especially suited to multiple layers of block printing. I was able to continue going to this magical place during Covid, knowing that I could avoid the crowds and still reap the benefits of the view.

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