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Last Updated: February 14, 2024

"The Presidentials, NH"

By John Amoss

"The Presidentials, NH"

"The Presidentials, NH"
color woodblock print
10" x 8"

In this last year the Appalachian Trail was closed because of COVID. I live not far from the AT, but it has been the prints of this series that in this past year have had to suffice in refreshing the memories and sense of connection that my time with the AT represents. This image is #13 of 15 prints in my "Complete Appalachian Trail Collection". The series depicts a scene from each state along the AT. The images I developed from slides taken while hiking the trail in its entirety in 1980. Developing the collection took 3 years to complete and was in ways as great a commitment as my original pursuit of the 2,160 mile length of the AT. I integrated a small amount of soil from the trail into each print, so no matter where I am, I can hold a part of the trail in my hands – as I do also within in my heart.

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