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Last Updated: August 8, 2023

John Amoss

Morning Tree
color woodblock print

Color Woodblock Print

John Amoss has been teaching printmaking and making woodblock prints for over 25 years. John is married, lives in Gainesville, GA, has two sons and is a member of the band, _[The Hobohemians](http://www.thehobohemians.com/). _He_ _enjoys long-distance backpacking, and in 1980 [hiked the entire Applachian Trail](https://appalachiantrail.org/home/community/2000-miler-listing#accordion-1980). 

John’s prints have been exhibited in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa; he has won awards; his prints are included in collections around the world. He has a name for his print business:** **Tanuki Prints, and Tanuki Prints now has an assistant, [Halle Castille](https://www.instagram.com/hallescometshines/?hl=en)**.** Halle has been helping with the printing and is essential to the business: both binding books and kicking John in the rear-end when he needs it!

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