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Last Updated: August 8, 2023

April 01

Release into the Ether

"Genie," color woodblock print by TNLG printmaker Annie Bissett

What escapes will permeate, it will assert itself, and influences will change.

Much has occurred in these past twelve months. For some, the changes that have transpired are long overdue, and welcome. For others, these changes are threatening and to be resisted. When the genie escapes, the Fates sally forth. Evolution happens both infinitesimally and in broad, obvious, inevitable strokes.

Decisions, like a stone dropped through the surface of a calm pond, create ripples that advance and eventually touch the edges of existence. Matt and I launched The New Leaf Gallery in late 2020. It was a bold move. Our plan was to start small, experiment, learn, and adapt. Here we are, just six months later, making a decision to relocate from a quiet second floor space to a hip street-level space just off Central Square in downtown Keene, NH.

Our initial thinking had been to center our attention on our website and to curate handmade prints produced by Northern New England printmakers. Our monthly Zoom printmakers' gatherings expanded our traction online as it began attracting folks from across the States and Canada. Attuned to the energy we are enjoying a high level of interest among a geographically dispersed yet connected community of printmakers, particularly those producing color woodblock prints made using the Japanese hanga method.

Meanwhile, we are seeing heightened activity in our micro-urban neighborhood. Vaccinations are underway and activity quickens. Cafes are hiring. Events are being planned. Our gut tells us that, while things will be different (elbow bumps supplant hugs and masks are the new black), people ache for normalcy and contact. We are eager to be in this mix. We are excited to both influence and enjoy what comes next.

Taryn Fisher, 04.01.2021

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