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Last Updated: February 28, 2021

Lotte Reiniger

By Julie Lapping Rivera

Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger
unique print: woodcut with collage
12" x 16"
With Artist
“Hinged Dreams" by Adin Thayer “I now have one desire — to make films.” Lotte Reiniger A sorcerer thin as a rake with gnarled knuckles shakes them at Prince Achmed as his horse gallops across a shivering moon. A princess bird descends by an opal lake and steps from her owl-soft plumage. Lotte’s life is a story of stories told through thinly hammered lead. Before leaving the land of the Fuhrer, her gifted fingers woke, and a gift’s desire was the fuel for their burning speed. These stories flew from the small scissors in her hand and step by step she coaxed them across an under-lit screen, still-shot by still-shot. By each the world’s treasury of magic grew and the mind of childhood was nourished. As is the life of any pioneer, hers was a series of obstacles, money, loss, the post-war taste for realism, and steadily she scissored through them, and who would not, who found within herself so rare a gift, to imagine metal into motion, to snip a crow into dipping across the moon of her imagination or a princess into slumping down for a century of sleep?

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