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Last Updated: June 2, 2021

"Horse Barn Hill" by Kathleen Zimmerman

By Calling on Special Places

"Horse Barn Hill" by Kathleen Zimmerman

"Horse Barn Hill" by Kathleen Zimmerman
19" x 15.5"
With Artist

Horse Barn Hill is part of my Farm Series, which honors farm animals for what they have given humanity. This print is unusual for me in that it represents a particular place, Horse Barn Hill in Storrs, CT. Since it is not realistic, it can be any farm and is more about the essence of farm life. Chagall-inspired cows, an over-sized horse, under-sized barns and an simplified hill-shape are all done in a surreal manner making it both playful and dream-like. The actual place is near my home and one of my favorite places to take my dog for our daily walk.

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