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Last Updated: April 14, 2023

"Ascutney Afternoon, 3rd state"

By Matt Brown

"Ascutney Afternoon, 3rd state"

"Ascutney Afternoon, 3rd state"
color woodblock print
28" x 20"
Lost and Found Exhibit

Our world has always been a place of hazard and change. I feel aware our Covid experience is no different. Though tragic, fearsome, and confusing, there is an opportunity to adapt and to be a witness. Instincts for denial, for blame, for regret, these are relevant, but is it not better to engage with the reality? If you are making color woodblock prints there remains a source of surprise each time you pull a paper off a block for each impression. Success seems to come through an abandonment of original ideas and visions and a watching for what the blocks and colors ask for themselves and their relationships. I can’t help but think of our Covid challenge similarly. Like the Hebrews of biblical times, we have in this difficulty a chance to let go of ideas and realize opportunities to find deeper connections to what it is to be living creatures on a living earth.

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