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Last Updated: March 31, 2021

"Self Portrait During Covid" by Lynita Shimizu

By Calling on Special Places

"Self Portrait During Covid" by Lynita Shimizu

"Self Portrait During Covid" by Lynita Shimizu
color woodblock print
18.5" x 14"
Green Energy Options
framed in cherry

Inside my crazy mind, I've weathered Covid by wandering around inside my crazy mind. I'm the weird bird trying to keep from cracking up in my isolated shell. The outside world with other people, the masked and the unmasked, the left and the right, is distant and spinning out of my sphere. Personal symbols of my tiny, Covid-created world, pattern this chick's kimono: the wine glasses, the chopsticks, the forest, the pond, the beavers. I cling to sanity during Covid by mokuhanga, by making woodblock prints.

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